about size of your school

What is the size of your school or college?

This question applies to the size of the organisation that you are presenting for certification. That might be just one school, or it might be a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT).
The size of an organisation is often estimated based on number of employees and turnover.

  • Micro -less than 10 employees, less than £2 million turnover.
  • Small -less than 50 employees, less than £10 million turnover.
  • Medium -less than 250 employees, less than £50 million turnover.
  • Large -more than 250 employees, more than £50 million turnover.

In the education sector, the employees are the paid staff employed by the school or the trust. In this certification process, the students would be considered more like customers rather than employees.
The school governors, who are not technically employees, yet who do access organisational data and organisational services, will need to be included when you calculate the size of your organisation. It should also be noted that their devices and accounts that access any school systems or data will fall into scope.

Instead of turnover, schools need to look at their funding arrangements. The General Annual Grant and Pupil Premium reflects the number of pupils (PAN) attending a school or a MAT. The word projected ‘outturn’ is more frequently used instead of ‘turnover’.
An independent school or trust would need to calculate the fees paid by the students as well as any grants/bursaries.

Eligibility for the free cyber security insurance

An organisation that can certify it’s whole company to Cyber Essentials AND has a turnover of less than £20 million is eligible for free cyber security insurance of £25,000. (the limit of liability is more than £25,000 for those schools in the RPA pilot.)
This is an annual cover which can be renewed each year when Cyber Essentials certification is renewed.
If you are a Multi-Academy-Trust (MAT) or a boarding school that receives over £20 million in fees or allowances, you will not be eligible for the free cyber security insurance when applying for Cyber Essentials.
If a large MAT wishes to gain the free insurance, they would need to segregate their networks and submit as individual schools. Each school in the MAT would need to pay for a separate application.
Please see more informationabout scope for schools’ for further guidance about what is, and is not included in the Cyber Essentials assessment.